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Island Cave Hiking Tours

“We went to the highland caves (Two Foot Bay, Barbuda) with Berwin, who was a great guide. He is a very positive and kind person who is going to make your stay in Barbuda extra nice. The caves are beautiful and there are several. The best views come after the hardest climb!

— Alexander W, Tour Guest

Choose From 2 Unique Cave Hiking Experiences In Barbuda

Darby’s Cave

Largest cave on the island at 70 feet deep and an interior ecosystem supporting 50-foot palmetto palms, bats, birds and frogs.

Two Foot Bay Cave

About 143 feet above sea level, a cave winds its way underground for about a mile. Ancient petroglyphs carved by Arawak Indians can be seen among the stalagmites and stalactites.

Barbuda Cave Tours

Pricing for Guided Hiking Tours of Darby Cave & Two Foot Bay Cave

Kids 13 & under



All children must be accompanied by an adult. This offer is only valid with the selection of an adult package.


$40 US

$100 EC

Discover Barbuda’s Hidden Caves. Select between Darby’s Cave or Two Foot Bay Cave.

Kids 14 & over

$21 US

$55 EC

All children must be accompanied by an adult. This offer is only valid with the selection of an adult package.

Meet Your Tour Guide

Berwin Webber is a Barbuda native with extensive knowledge and expertise in the caves of Barbuda. His charming approach to leading his guests through hiking tours will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Join Berwin on a challenging adventure to connect with the spirit of Barbuda through the activity of hiking.

Scheduling Your Barbuda Cave Hiking Tour

Tours are offered Monday through Sunday year round. The itinerary and tour departure times are catered towards the interests of your tour group.

Itinerary options include:

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  • Meal arrangements

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